We develop our mounts ourselves, we manufacture them on the premises and we offer the best service. Our vast know-how, our technical expertise, and our unbroken ambition to build the best products worldwide are the cornerstones of the iSHOXS concept. Our mounts are high-end tools which are used by the finest athletes around. iSHOXS is the mount of choice for professionals and demanding clients in more and more countries on all continents.

iSHOXS Mounts

All our mounts are built in conformity with industrial standards.They are manufactured on CNC machines according to strict quality criteria. When the idea is conceived for a new mount, careful selection of the optimal materials is a key priority from day one. There is no similar product that even remotely rivals the perfection and quality of our mounts. Their excellent workmanship and the outstanding picture and sound quality are regularly praised by users.

The iSHOXS System

All iSHOXS mounts are compatible with one another and adaptable to your highly specific requirements. Our range of optional accessories transforms any iSHOXS model into a freely combinable system mount. When it comes to camera perspectives, there are no limits to your creativity. Almost every action cam available in the market can be used with our optional iSHOXS camera adapter.

iSHOXS Innovation

Just close your eyes and listen. It won‘t take us long to convince you that action cams attached to an iSHOXS mount give you easily superior sound recordings. The special design of our two-component inlays (BullBar, Cero) noticeably reduces irritating noise. Even the slightest vibration is transmitted via your bike (or any other item of sports equipment) and picked up by the camera as interference. Various tests have confirmed that iSHOXS two-component inlays dampen this audible background noise very effectively. The quality of your videos is further enhanced as a result.

iSHOXS Expertise

All our mounts undergo extensive testing. iSHOXS has its own test center – and if there is even the shadow of a doubt regarding their safety when used in the proper way for the intended purpose, we modify the design accordingly and continue testing the mount concerned until it is deemed to be absolutely safe. Many of our mounts also have TÜV approval.

iSHOXS Warranty

Our mounts are designed to work optimally in the environments in which they are used. Extreme wet, dirt, cold, or heat – from the Dakar Rally to a Himalayan expedition and from a North Sea surfer‘s iSHOXS Shark to the iSHOXS M1 GT on the wing of a Corvus Racer 540 taking part in the Red Bull Air Race, all our mounts have one thing in common: a perfect grip. We give you an unlimited bring-in warranty on all mechanical parts.