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Show the world what you are capable of! We supply you with the necessary professional equipment.

We are your GoPro dealer and specialist for professional Actioncam and Smartphone mounts. No matter if you want to document your sportive best performances in a moving way or if you just want a firm hold combined with easy handling for your smartphone.

In the heat of battle, even the best action cam is only as reliable as its mount. That's why you should make sure you buy a sturdy Actioncam mount when putting together your equipment - this is where the iSHOXS mounts come into play.

The smartphone is also a constant companion these days. In the car, on a motorcycle or a bicycle, it's an indispensable companion everywhere. For this reason, we have incorporated our experience and competence from the action sports segment into our everyday systems such as the T-Mount or the EaglePro system. And the best thing is, these systems are 100% compatible with our top mounts, like the Hellrider or the Bullbar ProX!

With all these action-tested mounts, the action cameras can be attached bomb-proof, e.g. on bicycles and motorcycle handlebars, on boards no matter whether on the water or in the snow, on or in the car and everywhere where you look for the most spectacular perspectives. This already convinces professional athletes, teams and companies all over the world!

Of course, a high-quality safety holder must also consist of quality materials: for example, the Suction Cup "M1 GT", which mounts cameras immovably on almost all smooth surfaces. The patented mechanism of this suction cup holder suitable for all GoPro and compatible Actioncams does not leave the outdoor enthusiast in the lurch, even in wet weather or under high kinetic load.

Not to forget our Roll Bar Mount "ProMount", which absorbs vibrations and shocks and thus ensures clear shots even on rough roads.

Of course, all iSHOXS mounts can also be used on cameras with a 1/4 inch thread. You can also find corresponding adapters in our shop.

And if you are unsure whether you have chosen the right adapter for your camera or the right mount, just contact our support team. We are at your disposal almost around the clock with help and advice.